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      Baptist Church

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Erin MillsBaptist Church                                      

   Service Times:                                                                                                               Address
   Sunday @1030am                                                                                                 1991 South Millway
   Wednesday @730pm                                                                                      Mississauga, ON L5L 1R4
1991 S. Millway
Mississauga, ON L5L 1R4

Erin Mills Baptist Church is an antonymous church in regards to government and polity. However, we understand the benefit of leadership
development, church planting, church health, training and accountability. Erin Mills Baptist Church with over 500 churches throughout Canada, and
276 of these churches being in Ontario /Quebec, have a commitment of shared beliefs, affirmation of faith and commitment to Ministry.
Under “What We Do” of the Fellowship, it reads,

“The Fellowship is a voluntary association of churches. Membership in The Fellowship requires that each church be in agreement with The
Fellowship's Statement of Faith. Other than this basic requirement, Fellowship churches enjoy a great measure of independence. Ties are formed
through relationships, rather than lines of authority.”

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