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1991 S. Millway
Mississauga, ON L5L 1R4

With the arrival of Pastor Steve, we have launched out with our new
This series is to remind us as a local body of who we are in Christ, where
passion needs to be directed and setting forth mission as a church here in
Mississauga. Each message is based on the main pillar of any healthy
church, the word of God - or Logos.

If you are a new Christian, someone looking for a new church, or have
been in prayer over the gifts God has given you and how to use them - we
encourage you to come out and be blessed by this current series. As we
are in the beginning stages of revitalization, this is a great time to get
involved and be apart of what God is doing.

Incomprehensible Love (Love) - 1 John 4:7-11 May 14 2017

A higher Standard (Love) - John 13:31-35 May 21 2017

Teach me Your Statutes (Learn) - Psalm 119:9-16 May 28 2017

Our Instructor and Teacher (Lead) Psalm 32:8-9 June 4 2017

The Wanted House Guest  (Lead - Life Groups) June 11 2017

The Wanted House Guest
2  (Lead - Life Groups) June 18 2017

A Steward above Reproach (Lead - Elders) June 25 2017

Together in the Harvest (Labour) September 3 2017